All meetings are held at the City Community Center, unless otherwise noted.

Next Council Meeting:  Monday June 29th at 6pm - special meeting

Tuesday July 14th at 7pm

Next Planning & Zoning Meeting: Monday June 8th at 7:00pm


New Garbage Provider: Waste Management is our new provider.  They are dropping 96 gallon totes off at each home. If you had a Metro Disposal tote, you will continue to use that.  If they missed your address, they should be getting those this week 6/17.  

FM Flood Risk Management District No. 1 Assessment District:  On 3/17 the city council recomends a "no" vote on the ballot that was sent to each resident.

FEMA - on January 16th the flood maps for Reiles Acres were updated. On january 17th FEMA revalidated the previous LOMR's for the homes in the city.  Click here to download the revalidation letter.  Your lender may require this document to avoid having to purchase flood insurance.

Harwood Baseball - click here to see the 2015 sign up sheet.

New Development Update: The developer opened bids on the new development and has decided not to start the development at this time, due to the higher than estimated bids. The developer for the lots is County 20 Storage & Transfer and inquires on lots can be emailed to Tari Birkelo at

City Survey: Click here to see the results of the survey.

New Boulevard Tree Ordinance: Click here to find a link to the new boulevard tree permit. This permit is required for all tree planting on city boulevards.

Flood Insurance Reform Act:  Click on the links for information regarding the NFIP Reform Act and an informational powerpoint.